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First sight love?
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There haven't been a lot of studies performed about the love at first sight phenomena, but the countless books have been written on the subject, and I often times feel surrounded by couples who feel their unions were decided exceptionally early into their relationships. As for me ? I'd like to think that love at first sight is possible. Nothing is impossible. There is an innate romanticism attached to the thought of meeting and having hitting enough emotional triggers immediately to just know. Now, have I ever had it happen ? Not the love bit, but I've met three folks over a span of fifteen years where I just knew they'de be a huge part of my evolution as a person. I just wasn't sure how initially. One became a great friend, another a very emotionally charged but short lived relationship (although we still stay in touch), and one recent, and still playing out. Not one have told I love them, although admittedly love all three very much. And thus, in my head, and a driving need to get know someone better ? Definitely.

#But what about you ? Do you believe in love at first sight ? Why or why not ?