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Im backk.
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Assalamualaikum =)

Woah. It's already Juneeee. So, I  want everything in my life to be happy, fun and not stressful this month.  Amin. And now, I'm currently struggling to finish all hw given. Ohmaigod. Soooo many. Got nota bio to do. #Usahatanggakejayaan. 


So now people, for this entry, I'm going to tell u uoals my experience. The awesome experience ok. What is it? Participating in HK at SMSS. Alhamdullillah, everything went very very well and at least Scipp dpt msuk quarter. School break kot. Hope for the better achievement for next year. Hurm, next year is at Sesma, dekat sgt. Taknakk, nak jalan-2 jauh lagi. HK was totally amazing! 

HKSBP40 and gonna miss the moment badly.

Introducing our malay debaters team. 

Quarter match against SDAR. 

Alumni Scipp were also here. Thnks for the support!

It's all for now. Xiao.