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Assalamualaikum =)


Hai people! So, how's your day? I hope everything is going well. Ok, now Im still focus on bomba. Again. District level is done, state level is done too. Next, heading to national level. Finally, alhamdullilah. Sampai jugak kita ke peringkt kbngsaan. Mklumlah, since Form 1 lagi, eager nak ke national level. It's reality, not fantasy ok. Sapa yg taknak kan. Grab chances ketika msih ada kan kan. So, latihan pusat is just around the corner. Just get ready for the mental and physical attack there. OMG! #Well, chill. Seriously, muka totally burn after camping at Kem Kijang. But, it's awesome. We got new experiences there. Angkat and bentang hos and then dpt main air time brain and braun challenges. #Rasa mcm IM THE FIREFIGHTER. Hoho. So, here are some pictures of us there. Check it out!