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It's Friday dude
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Assalamualaikum peeps.


Alhamdullillah, it's weekend people :) Currently I had done bio notes and struggling to finish addmath works. Pray for me. So, today is 2nd of August already. Solemnly, that's mean we have another 5 days to say sayonara to Ramadhan. Actually, I keep thinking of doing something that can increase prefects' funds for upcoming dinner. For a month, we only managed to get rm500 ++, at least. But still not satisfy yet with the current funds. I have no inkling of what we are going to do. Huh? Well, let it go for a while. Bcause I'm in raya mood now. So, other things which are not so important, please go go go away from my mind. Then, raya mood ----> exam mood. Gambate, gambate.

Talking about baju raya, mine is jubah for first syawal. Mom bought at Mecca and my sister and I will be wore in same pattern of jubah. Thanks mom! Really love it. Mission of this eid is to collect 'duit raya' as many as could. Haha.

That's for now. Bye peeps. Wishing you all happy iftar and be blessed :)