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Huh? It has been three days spending whole free time at home. But still don't start any preparation for the upcoming exam. Well, it's actually the basic habit when at home. Got bundles of things to do. Instead of doing school works, online stuffs always being the stuck-ers. Alhamdullilah, for now there's no more school works to do as I had done it. Yay for me then. Next is study. Yes, study. That's the priority #TakeANote.

Kidrauhl | via Tumblr

No more talking about works, works and works. We are still in fasting month. But add to misery, Ramadhan is almost leaving us. Yes, definitely. Syawal is almost coming peeps. Sobss. Barakah month will be leaving us soon. So, people do the ibadah to get the lailatul qadr. I can't wait for hari raya anymore. For the first eid, usually we go to kampung. Solemnly, for this year just only visit their graves. Nothing much more peeps. Be blessed.

Bye peeps. Xoxo.