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 Assalamualaikum peeps.

goodbye july,hello august

 Dear August, please be nice to me. Huh. That's mean I'm going to sit for the next exam - Selaras 2. #OmaiGod. Chill lah. So now is busy 'date' with textbooks and so on. Lols, kfine. We are sweet enough right -.- Hopefully I will grab that 9A. Amin. Actually, schooling was really really tired. And yes, it's fasting month definitely. I've to manage my time between prefects, debating and many more. Now, I'm enjoying eid's hols for 2 weeks u know, 2 weeeeeks. Jyeah. But not really. Bcause gonna spend this hols - study peeps :) For the previous exam, I got 8A but still not so impress with the results. So, Haslin pls pls put your efforts and get what u don't get yet. #Enthusiasm. The most interesting is after eid. We, malay debaters Scipp invited to PICC for final PPM. It's between SMAPK and ASIS. I don't really know which team is better. But they are perfectly awesome! Apart from that, crew drama will be going to Singapore for a show there. Alhamdullilah, this is our golden opportunity x)

Sometimes, I was wondering why others keep saying "Form 4 world is a honeymoon year". Till now, I can't see and feel the exciting being a form 4 student? In Scipp, we had started taking over form 5's positions unofficially. Just a platform for next year, and we did 'mentor-mentee'.  Recently, we celebrated one of Camaraderie's members birthday. She's Azrinaaaaa. HB again bestie :) Supiah ordered pizza, what a brave action! Haha, it's prohibited actually. But, who cares. The first and last time just to celebrate hers. Perhaps.

That's all for now. Bye peeps. May Allah bless us :)